HVAC Replacement & Installation

Equip Your Home With a Modern, Efficient HVAC System

Schedule a heater or air conditioner replacement service in Westland, MI

As your appliances get old or stop working, you'll eventually need to replace them. Your HVAC system is no different. Thankfully, Onnit Heating and Cooling LLC in Westland, MI makes it easy to swap out your old system for a new one.

As part of our heater or air conditioner replacement services, we can replace your furnace, water heater, mini-splits or any type of AC unit. With our HVAC installation services, we'll take care of the entire replacement process from beginning to end.

Ready to upgrade your HVAC unit? Schedule an HVAC installation service with us today.

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Signs of an old HVAC unit

Not sure if your unit is past its prime? You may need to get a replacement if you're experiencing:

Constant unit breakdowns

Unusually high energy bills

Loud, strange sounds coming from your unit

Inefficient heating or cooling

Do any of these signs sound familiar? If so, book a heater or air conditioner replacement service with our company.